Change Your Life: Choices, Habits, Mindset – You Become Your Focus – Charles Johnson

Charles teaches people that times are what they are, they are neither good nor bad, you make them into what they are. Sometimes you’ll go through something and you’ll grow from it. Another person goes through something and they’ll destroy their whole life, the situation was the same. It’s the person’s perception. It’s how they handled it. It’s how they thought it was going to work out or wasn’t going to work out, so that’s what affected them.

Charles typically tries to teach people to let it be. It’s going to be you that makes the decision on how it’s going to affect you. If you are mad about something, that doesn’t necessarily mean I got to be mad about it too. We have to make a decision and many times, we forget that we have a choice. Circumstances are what they are but you have a choice on how it’s going to affect you. How you are going to respond to this particular situation? You do not have to be afraid. Fear is a choice. Anger is a choice.

Charles chooses to wake up happy, and for no reason, he doesn’t have a reason to be happy, just be happy. If you do need a reason, start counting your blessings. Start counting all the good things that are going on in your life. Start looking at the house you live in, the car you drive, the air you breathe, the food you are eating. Charles says that he wakes up to a beautiful woman every morning, that’s a blessing. So start looking on those things that are good.

Where your focus is, energy also goes in that direction. If you focus on negative, if you focus on your problems, then you will get more of those things. God has given us a great ability that whatever we put our attention on, it grows, it expands, we get more of it, you have a choice with what you want to grow your in my life

Do not allow anything negative to be spoken, no negative social media, no negative phone calls. You have to realize how creative you can be right now. Build your own mindset. Fear and creativity cannot exist in the same space. Fear and faith cannot exist in same space. You have to choose.

You can redirect a conservation, bring up the positive side of the negative thing. We have to learn to pay attention to our thoughts and pay attention to what we’re saying, pay attention to what we are thinking. The initial reaction is – that’s hard. But you just have to do it over and over and over again, it’s going to be easy.

You positively, absolutely have a choice on how your day is going to go, how your life is going to go, how your health is going to go – you have a choice. That choice starts with a mindset. Mindset is developed through habit. So if you create a better habit, you will develop a better life. Now in order to develop a better habit, you have to recognize the bad habit. The way to recognize the bad habit is say to yourself: “Is this getting me the result that I want? Is this making me a better person? Is this making my relationships better? Is this growing my business?” – If a habit is getting in the way, then that’s a bad habit. You have to start to change bad habits. You got to practice. It takes some time.

You have to tell yourself that you love yourself and that you are a good person, because you are creative, you are wonderful, you are magnificent. If God has already decided that you are his masterpiece, you are his righteousness, God has already decided that you would not be here unless he wanted you to be here. You have to always say to yourself that you are wonderful and magnificent each day to make that biological change in your physical brain.

Always look on these three things choices, habits and mindset – your life will change.


Charles Johnson Bio:

Charles W. Johnson was born and raised in a military home with strong moral beliefs. Being the son of a retired Sergeant Major and an assistant teacher, it was instilled in him at an early age to strive for excellence without excuse. As he was motivated in his life, he developed a passion to motivate others. Raised in the small rural town of Lumberton, NC, he excelled academically, athletically, and socially. After attaining numerous awards for leadership both in the classroom and on the athletic field, he used these traits in the corporate world.

Charles attended Winston-Salem State University until his passion for leading led him to opportunities that would take him to new heights. His professional career began as Sr. Vice-President of Marketing & Promotions for Danbla Records, an independent recording company in Maple Wood, NJ. There he exposed the company and its artists to a national audience with an appearance on one of the national iconic television shows “The Jay Leno Show” and to international audiences with a concert tour of Italy. While developing nationwide relationships with retail music stores, radio and television stations, he took the plunge to create his own production and management company.

The leadership skills Charles has developed throughout his life have led him to speak to literally thousands of people of various backgrounds. He has inspired and taught through his weekly inspirational teachings, various local and national news and magazine articles where he has been a featured writer or interviewee. His weekly “Encouraging Word” video message to subscribers, “The No Limit” internet radio show”, the “Motivational Monday” conference call as well as daily posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram social networks. Also, Charles is the author of the much-loved book entitled “I Am Sam” Ten Keys to Success from Green Eggs & Ham and the newly released “Affirmation: The Power of Words”. Charles also Pastors The Well Church, Raleigh, NC

Charles has been blessed to speak nationally for the National Symposium on Juvenile Services, on the collegiate level for UNC Chapel Hill, Winston Salem State University, and Robeson County Community College and Pembroke State University. Charles has also been fortunate to speak on the local level to community youth groups such as the Hoke County Daycare Association, the Robeson County Youth/Teens Association, Our Youth Matters Inc. of Wake County. He has presented to several business networking groups and Chambers of Commerce across the state of North Carolina. On the corporate level Charles has trained the senior management staff of NC Medical Board and Senior management staff of Allied International Refrigeration Corporation. Charles has been interviewed on national television and radio networks both sacred and secular. Charles’s goal and purpose in life is to be the coach, cheerleader and inspiration for people around the world helping them to go from good to great and from great to phenomenal!

Charles has been married for 28 years to the lovely Pamela Lane Johnson; they have two talented sons and two beautiful granddaughters.