Hi, I’m David Williams. My wife, Brenda, and I operate a commercial photography and corporate video production company in Raleigh NC. Although some of our clients are in the Fortune 500, we are a mom and pop small business. On the personal side, we have two adult, married daughters plus our pups Trigger and Abby ( pictured left ).

The idea of HopeNow2020.com came from adding a tab to the navigation of my primary small business website titled HOPE 2020. It began to unfold more as I had a phone conversation with long time friend and author: Jay Izso. Jay sparked the logo idea which lead to me taking it beyond a logo to developing this website.

I trust Hope Now 2020 will serve small businesses with strategy advice and resources to assist in getting to the next level and to also enable small businesses to prepare for the roller coaster ride that is often part of running a small business. The roller coaster ride is what many entrepreneur’s thrive on. It’s what keeps them going because rarely are things ever the same day after day. In addition, personal development advice is also a key area that I hope individuals will find valuable because in order to be a successful small business leader, it’s important to create a better you.

Hope Now 2020 is not setup as a non-profit. However, please check out our support us page and our resources page. There are many ways to support us including simply signing up for our email list while you are here and using the share tool on the left ( footer on mobile ) to share our website.

David Williams is a Raleigh NC based Commercial Photographer focusing on business and corporate clients: Visit RTPPhotoandVideo.com.