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Click the logo below to view and buy Color Street nails.

Click the logo above to view and buy Color Street nails.

Although the resources below may pay out a commission at no cost to you,
I either USE in most cases ( like Bluehost since 2014 ) or trust as noted:

I USE THIS: I used Screencast-O-Matic to record the video below that is in the footer of Hope Now 2020. I regularly use Screencast-O-Matic. It gives me the ability to record myself like I did below or I can record just my screen and talk as I show something on my screen like how to do something or I can record my screen and have myself small on camera as I talk. I have also used it for personalized THANK YOU videos and for checking in on a pending project. A personalized, short video is better than a boring email. I love all the options. It’s really affordable and easy to use.

I used my webcam and Screencast-O-Matic to capture the video above.

I USE THIS: I was hesitant to start a podcast. But with Podbean, posting audio is easy. I’m so glad that I took the plunge into podcasting. I have another Podcast on Podbean in addition to HopeNow2020. For audio, if you get a USB mic for your computer, it will provide better quality for as little $25 for a lapel version to the $169 RODE NT-USB that I use and beyond. In addition, there are many ways to record the audio to your computer. Although Audacity looks complicated, it’s free. It’s trusted. And you can keep it simple. 

I USE THIS: I have used Bluehost for web hosting since January 2014. I have VPS hosting with Bluehost which is a more robust hosting service. However, if you are just starting out or looking for new web hosting, I highly recommend Bluehost. If you are thinking of starting a WordPress website, Bluehost makes it easy to setup WordPress.

I TRUST THIS: Although I’m a huge fan of WordPress, I can tell you from personal experience after using WordPress since around 2004 that it’s not the right fit for everyone especially someone just starting out trying to point and click their way to a new website. If you are sold on WordPress because of what you have heard about it, then visit